How to Choose Waterproof Hiking Shoes

One of the most crucial decisions you are required to make when organizing for a hiking is the nature of the shoes you will wear. Footwear contributes a lot to your comfort and security when hiking hence taking the decision-making process to another level. Their characteristics of hiking footwear are a fundamental aspect of the whole journey. Waterproof as a character should highly be considered. This article evaluates the most essential info about waterproof hiking shoes that you should know before your next hiking trip.

Unlike trail runners’ shoes or even walking shoes, hiking shoes are constructed in a different way to withstand the pressure, distance and rough grounds that are most common in hiking environment. The shoes are rather durable and tough than most of the other shoes. Mostly, they are made from mesh combo or leather which gives them their characteristic tough feel. Soles of these hiking shoes only compress to a very small degree. Therefore, their soles are tougher and stiffer when compared to most of the other footwear. Get prepared for a comfortable walk without feeling the rocks under your feet. However, the walk might not be as comfortable as you wish since their tough nature reduces comfort and increase the probability of getting blisters. The model of the shoes that you choose determines its characteristics. Conversely, most of the hiking shoes are built in a way that they are mostly waterproof. Thus it means that they do not dry easily and may take more than one day to dry depending on the day’s weather.

Hiking Shoes

Multiple hiking days in a wet environment would obviously need you to be in possession of waterproof shoes. Regardless of the type of your nature of hiking shoes, your feet are always assured of getting wet if you are hiking in wet conditions. It will be impossible for anything to stay dry if there is a lot of moisture in the environment. Precipitation will slowly flow along your feet and pants downwards hence seeping into your shoes. At times, your sweat buildup on the legs will tend to get your shoes soaked from the inside to the outside. It might be possible to mitigate the other limiting factors but even if your footwear is waterproof, it will develop tears and holes after sometimes hence allowing water to get into your shoe. To avoid your hiking shoes from easily getting spoilt, you should go for the most exceptional models on the list.

If you are interested in hiking shoes, you can choose between various models like the Salmon X Ultra 3 Low, North Face Ultra 110GTX, Merrell Moab 2 Ventilator Low, and Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX and Lowa Renegade GTX Mid among others. In addition to other characteristics, these are some of the best waterproof hiking shoes offered at a pocket-friendly price in the market. Choosing hiking shoes might not be easy but in this article, we have got you covered. The kind of waterproof hiking shoe that you choose should also be stable and comfortable. This will help you to walk on any terrain without getting your ankles dislocated or feeling uncomfortable when the terrain gets rough. For extremely wet environments or winter weather, you can choose the shoe design that goes above the ankle to decrease the chances of water getting into the shoes.

Moreover, a good waterproof hiking shoe is the one that has ventilation. Your feet need to remain aerated in order to increase comfort in your hiking endeavours. Aerated shies would be the best in such a situation. Before you consider buying a waterproof hiking shoe, it would be in your best interest to consider the shoe’s weight. Lightweight hiking shoes are the best since make you use less amount of energy. Moreover, they help you avoid hip and knee flexor complications as well as muscle fatigue. Quality hiking shoes also have high traction in order to help you walk over all forms of terrains. Once you have obtained the show that you require, make sure to test it to ensure that it fits you well. Its size should be larger than your normal shoes by at least half the size because your fit ends up swelling after a hiking day.

Hiking can never be fun without the right shoe. One of the factors to consider when acquiring a hiking shoe is its water resistance. This will help you navigate even over waterlogged areas without getting your feet wet. Moreover, the waterproof hiking shoe that you acquire should be stable and comfortable with good ankle support. It should also be light weighted, durable, right shape and size, right shape and size and also with good traction

Problems That Most People with a High Foot Arch May Have to Face

Having bulky feet, narrow feet, long feet and short feet are some of the every common variation among people having different physiques and body structure, posture and height. It is a fact that these things are greatly dependent upon the hereditary composition of every individual and we inherit certain features by birth. Though sometimes the basic features and characteristics may change with time and you may think that your bodily feature shave been altered but these are not so, the basic stay same though appearance may differ.

In addition to such physical differences, there is another conditions that may affect the overall appearance of feet is also affected by some other circumstances and genetic makeup and cause the variation in the height of the arch that is located in the middle of our feet. Due to the fact our feet has a basic structure consisting of a toe, middle foot with slightly raised base and the heel. The overall shape of the foot depends on how these three parts are shaped.

If the arch is high the base of the foot may show or exert more pressure or reliance on the toe area and the heel instead of a balanced foot pressure. Whereas there are feet having a low or simple no mid-foot arch causing the foot to appear as flat based. These are flat feet which lack the foot arch and may have a balanced pressure throughout the foot base.

People with a medium foot arch show balanced walk, lower pressure on leg and feet muscles and feel lesser fatigue as compared to the ones having the high arch or the others who have no arch in their feet.

High Foot Arch

Here we‘ll be discussing the problems who have a higher than average arch.

People with high arch support may experience more pain in the feet because of the increased pressure on the heel and forefoot area. In case if they have to walk more, or run, they might not feel easy and relaxed while moving their feet briskly. In such cases they may need to look for the best shoes which may help them support the high arches. Professionals like nurses may also get benefitted by finding the best shoes for nurses with high arches as they can support their feet and keep them relaxed by absorbing the impact.

Mostly, for professionals who have a regular routine of staying on duty, standing for hours may need more help regarding the high arches in their feet because there are a greater chance that they develop foot pain and leg muscle issues.

Fatigue is a major issue among those with the high arches. Those who have a high arch may not be able to stay in standing position for hours because their toes and heel may start getting drained and may feel more stress because of the body weight and the pressure exerted by the ground during the walk. In such cases having the shoes with the arch support make sure to lower the fatigue factor.

In case if nothing is done for supporting the arches then the arches which are higher than average, then chances are more that people with such a foot structure may not be able to run or walk briskly and hence they have a slower speed and that may affect either performance in case if they are interested in athletics or professions like nursing and other fields like that.

In addition to the fatigue, pain and speed issues, people may also feel problems like under-pronation and that may cause issues during walking. This may cause feet to develop issues and pain in many circumstances or when wearing shoes with a high heel or totally flat soles.

It is better to either use orthotics and inserts to support the arches or select shoes that provide better arch support for making sure that a person may walk easily and briskly as per the need.

Though there are many issues associated with the high arch in the feet the solutions is also there in the form of sole inserts, and specialized shoes that offer support and padding for such structural issues in the feet.

Why nurses always need to take care of their feet more than any other worker?

There are workers, professionals, and athletes who are always on the go whether to do their job and perform their duties or to practice for hours to make sure they perform their duties in the perfect way.
No matter if individual works hard to perform well or do his or her best to work well on their job, they need to stay active and fatigue-free to keep it up with the increasing job load that may be there often.

Among the busiest professionals, nurses are the ones who stay in their standing position because they have to assist doctors and manage the patients without getting delayed. They have to perform well in emergency situations and make sure to meet the job requirements as best as it is possible as there is no room for retreating or staying aloof.

Staying active and ready to serve is all that they have to do while on their duty. That is the reason nurses must take care of their overall health and especially their feet to make sure they are never overly fatigued or stressed out no matter for how many hours they have to stay on their duty standing active alongside their doctors and co-workers.

Nurses are always suggested to make use of the specialized shoes or even insertion of orthotics in their shoes to keep up with the comfort requirements in the shoes so that they don’t have to bear the pain and pressure that is exerted during the walk or while standing for some time.

The shoes are designed and made to provide comfort and a relaxed posture to keep the feet easy and support the unique shape of the feet. By keeping the foot relaxed and easy, these shoes help in giving support so that nurses may walk and stand without feeling much pressure on the foot and leg muscles.

take care of your feet

Nurses always have to exert pressure on the feet but they cannot afford to have pain because if they develop pain and fatigue they may not be able to stay active and ready for performing their duties. They may need to be sure that they are keeping their feet in their natural posture whereas the support features are also considered important.

Proper arch support, balanced sole and design along with snug fitted upper to make sure to keep the feet in their best state so that there is no pain or issues.

Nurses have more responsibilities as a worker because most of the patient’s care depends on their active participation while treating them in emergency situations. It is always a good thing to take care of minor or major issues that may be affecting the performance of the worker.

By keeping them away from foot pain and stay active for hours is the key to success as a nursing professional who wants to serve the community with proper and timely support for the patients who are in need of instant care.

Since nurses have a greater responsibility to serve on time and with greater energy, they are recommended to make sure that their feet are free of any kind of pain and issues so that they don’t have to struggle with their own health problems that may cause ignorance of problems of others.

When they are in good health, have no fatigue or pain their body, they are in a better condition to serve and perform well when they are needed the most. Due to the increased needs of having an active mind and body, nurses should be taking a good care of their own health as if they would not they will be experiencing the lower energy and that will affect their job efficiency.

For sure, there is no way to perform well when people are experiencing their own health issues or pain symptoms and only be relieving them they can perform their duties better and get the most out of their potential skills.

By using the supportive, comfortable and specially designed shoes and suitable orthotics, nurses may make sure to have better energy, lower the fatigue level and make sure to offer their best professional skills so that their job performance is never compromised.

The Best Ways to Help People with High Foot Arches to Avoid Pain in Their Feet

No pain should be ignored especially when it is consistent and disturbing and is so severe that hinders your bodily performance as a whole. Foot pain is one of the many bodily aches which affect most of the busy workers and athletes. Despite the fact that people always try to wear on comfortable shoes to make sure they stay comfortable during their all-day work hours, there are still many factors that affect their overall health and may cause foot pain in a way or another.


There could be many reasons for developing foot pain including plantar fasciitis, high arch, flat foot, and other general or medical conditions. Here we will be discussing the high foot-arch condition.

People who have a higher than average foot arch mean that they may not be able to have a balanced walk because the arch in the middle of the foot is relatively higher than it should be and is rigid rather than flexible.

For those who have a natural arch it serves as a natural buffer against the external impact while walking but when the arch is too high, it becomes rigid and causes pain and related issues because it does not let the foot flex and adjust to the surface on the ground.

Though, with a medium arch, there is a lesser chance of getting a foot injury or pain because medium arches balance the weight and impact by flexing easily on the ground ensuring lesser pressure and least chances of developing pain.
In case if you are the one who has a high, rigid foot arch this may be a cause of foot pain because it causes more pressure on the foot and leg muscles and bone structure causing more fatigue as well.

For those who have busy work routine, or the athletes having long practice hours, it is hard to manage the overall pressure caused by the high arch. In such cases using a few methods may help in reducing pain issues in the feet.

One way to do so is through proper examination by an orthopedic or a doctor who may help in reducing the pain symptoms through medication. This may help in relieving pain but it may not be helpful if you don’t manage to reduce the pressure on the foot through proper aid.

Another way to help in reducing the pain in the feet due to high arch is with the help of physiotherapy that makes sure to reduce pressure and keep the bones and muscles in their best posture. But this also helps only when you are taking care of the high arch support in a careful manner by using the best supportive solutions and materials.

Using orthotics and sole inserts is another way to support the foot with a high arch. These are specially designed inserts that can be put inside the shoe to complement the sole of the shoe to support the high arch. These inserts are designed to make sure they fill in the gap between the foot and the shoe. By covering the gap, the shoe becomes suitable for supporting the arch and keep the foot comfortable. This also helps in reducing the pressure and provides a bounce back platform for keeping the impact lesser.

In case if you don’t want to make use of the orthotics separately, you can also find the best shoes for high arches that come up with the midsole and arch support for keeping the foot easy and relaxed while providing better energy in the foot. This kind of shoes is helpful in making sure that the foot will not lose its balance and will help in proceeding with the gait cycle without developing pain in the feet and leg muscles.

Whether you prefer using orthotics, a specialized shoe designed suitable for high arches, or go for physiotherapy, a combination of such practices would bring better and quick results for treating painful feet and lowering the chances of fatigue. Just make sure you may not ignore your feet if you are a nurse, an athlete or a regular runner and treat the developing pain in your feet as soon as it possible to avoid persistent pain.


I disassembled my bed frame yesterday in hopes of selling it for some extra cash for my upcoming trip. I asked my father to help me carry some of the more unwieldy pieces downstairs to the garage. He agreed to help and waited in my room, watching me take the bed apart.

While sitting on the floor, removing the final bolts from the frame, I recalled sitting on the floor in my old room in California as a kid, watching my dad put the same bed together for me. I remember I was eager to help him put the bed together, and he let me help him whenever possible, though there wasn’t much I could help with at such a young age.

It was a strange feeling to have my father watching me take the same bed apart more than a decade after he put it together, with him helping me whenever possible instead of the other way around. How things have changed.

No one said change would be comfortable or easy