Below are some of the most common questions I’ve received.

Why does your route look so weird?

I have a couple friends across the country that I want to visit during my journey. I’ve had many people ask me why I’m choosing to end my walk in Georgia over some place like New York, and it’s simply because I have a friend in that state I intend to visit.

What are you carrying?
I’ve had an affinity for military gear since I was a kid. As such, a lot of the kit I selected and had on hand is military surplus. Military gear, though usually heavier and less developed compared to commercial stuff, is cheap and overbuilt (I cannot emphasis the cheap aspect enough). Here’s my packing list:

Load carrying/related:
• Dana Design Astralplane Overkill rucksack
• SealLine 56 liter dry bag
• SealLine MACS sack
• Mesh bag

• Propper BDU pants
• Propper APCU soft shell pants
• Propper button-up shirt
• ECWCS Gen III midweight top and bottom
• SmartWool top and bottom
• (5) pairs Covert Threads socks
• Merrell Sawtooth boots
• ECWCS Gen III fleece jacket
• Propper APCU wind shirt
• ECWCS Gen III soft shell jacket
• Belt
• Propper boonie hat
• ECWCS beanie
• Shemagh
• Flyer’s gloves
• Leather overglove

Sustainment and related:
• (8) canteens, 2 quart
• Camelbak bladder (3 liter) with cover
• Canteen cup
• Stove and fuel (Coleman Peak-1 Micro Butane)
• Water purification tablets
• Fire starting implements (lighter, windproof matches)

• Diamond Brand combat tent
• MSS patrol sleeping bag, liner, stuff sack
• Foam mat

Electronics and accessories:
• Netbook, battery, cord and case
• Cell phone, (2) batteries, charger and waterproof case
• iPod, headphones (with spare earbuds), waterproof case and connection cable
• Camera, case, 16gb SD card, spare SD card, connection cable, (6) batteries and charger

• 550 cord, 20 feet
• Duct tape
• Plastic bags, various sizes
• First aid kit
• Blister kit (Kinesio Tape, tincture of benzoin (4oz), threaded needles, foot powder, scissors, nail file)
• Lip balm
• Notebook, protective casing
• Ink pens, Sharpie
• Book(s)
• Nail clippers
• Sewing kit with spare buckles
• Energizer headlamp
• (6) AAA batteries
• Light My Fire spork
• Toilet paper
• Maps
• Toothbrush (with cover) and toothpaste
• Sunglasses
• Hand sanitizer
• Stamped envelopes
• Vaseline
• Rubbing alcohol
• Reflective vest
• Flask
• Trekking poles
• Leatherman multi-tool

Where was your banner photo taken?
The photo was taken on Nevada State Route 160, about five miles east of Mountain Springs, NV. The mountain in the background is Mt. Potosi.