Problems That Most People with a High Foot Arch May Have to Face

Having bulky feet, narrow feet, long feet and short feet are some of the every common variation among people having different physiques and body structure, posture and height. It is a fact that these things are greatly dependent upon the hereditary composition of every individual and we inherit certain features by birth. Though sometimes the basic features and characteristics may change with time and you may think that your bodily feature shave been altered but these are not so, the basic stay same though appearance may differ.

In addition to such physical differences, there is another conditions that may affect the overall appearance of feet is also affected by some other circumstances and genetic makeup and cause the variation in the height of the arch that is located in the middle of our feet. Due to the fact our feet has a basic structure consisting of a toe, middle foot with slightly raised base and the heel. The overall shape of the foot depends on how these three parts are shaped.

If the arch is high the base of the foot may show or exert more pressure or reliance on the toe area and the heel instead of a balanced foot pressure. Whereas there are feet having a low or simple no mid-foot arch causing the foot to appear as flat based. These are flat feet which lack the foot arch and may have a balanced pressure throughout the foot base.

People with a medium foot arch show balanced walk, lower pressure on leg and feet muscles and feel lesser fatigue as compared to the ones having the high arch or the others who have no arch in their feet.

High Foot Arch

Here we‘ll be discussing the problems who have a higher than average arch.

People with high arch support may experience more pain in the feet because of the increased pressure on the heel and forefoot area. In case if they have to walk more, or run, they might not feel easy and relaxed while moving their feet briskly. In such cases they may need to look for the best shoes which may help them support the high arches. Professionals like nurses may also get benefitted by finding the best shoes for nurses with high arches as they can support their feet and keep them relaxed by absorbing the impact.

Mostly, for professionals who have a regular routine of staying on duty, standing for hours may need more help regarding the high arches in their feet because there are a greater chance that they develop foot pain and leg muscle issues.

Fatigue is a major issue among those with the high arches. Those who have a high arch may not be able to stay in standing position for hours because their toes and heel may start getting drained and may feel more stress because of the body weight and the pressure exerted by the ground during the walk. In such cases having the shoes with the arch support make sure to lower the fatigue factor.

In case if nothing is done for supporting the arches then the arches which are higher than average, then chances are more that people with such a foot structure may not be able to run or walk briskly and hence they have a slower speed and that may affect either performance in case if they are interested in athletics or professions like nursing and other fields like that.

In addition to the fatigue, pain and speed issues, people may also feel problems like under-pronation and that may cause issues during walking. This may cause feet to develop issues and pain in many circumstances or when wearing shoes with a high heel or totally flat soles.

It is better to either use orthotics and inserts to support the arches or select shoes that provide better arch support for making sure that a person may walk easily and briskly as per the need.

Though there are many issues associated with the high arch in the feet the solutions is also there in the form of sole inserts, and specialized shoes that offer support and padding for such structural issues in the feet.

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