The Best Ways to Help People with High Foot Arches to Avoid Pain in Their Feet

No pain should be ignored especially when it is consistent and disturbing and is so severe that hinders your bodily performance as a whole. Foot pain is one of the many bodily aches which affect most of the busy workers and athletes. Despite the fact that people always try to wear on comfortable shoes to make sure they stay comfortable during their all-day work hours, there are still many factors that affect their overall health and may cause foot pain in a way or another.


There could be many reasons for developing foot pain including plantar fasciitis, high arch, flat foot, and other general or medical conditions. Here we will be discussing the high foot-arch condition.

People who have a higher than average foot arch mean that they may not be able to have a balanced walk because the arch in the middle of the foot is relatively higher than it should be and is rigid rather than flexible.

For those who have a natural arch it serves as a natural buffer against the external impact while walking but when the arch is too high, it becomes rigid and causes pain and related issues because it does not let the foot flex and adjust to the surface on the ground.

Though, with a medium arch, there is a lesser chance of getting a foot injury or pain because medium arches balance the weight and impact by flexing easily on the ground ensuring lesser pressure and least chances of developing pain.
In case if you are the one who has a high, rigid foot arch this may be a cause of foot pain because it causes more pressure on the foot and leg muscles and bone structure causing more fatigue as well.

For those who have busy work routine, or the athletes having long practice hours, it is hard to manage the overall pressure caused by the high arch. In such cases using a few methods may help in reducing pain issues in the feet.

One way to do so is through proper examination by an orthopedic or a doctor who may help in reducing the pain symptoms through medication. This may help in relieving pain but it may not be helpful if you don’t manage to reduce the pressure on the foot through proper aid.

Another way to help in reducing the pain in the feet due to high arch is with the help of physiotherapy that makes sure to reduce pressure and keep the bones and muscles in their best posture. But this also helps only when you are taking care of the high arch support in a careful manner by using the best supportive solutions and materials.

Using orthotics and sole inserts is another way to support the foot with a high arch. These are specially designed inserts that can be put inside the shoe to complement the sole of the shoe to support the high arch. These inserts are designed to make sure they fill in the gap between the foot and the shoe. By covering the gap, the shoe becomes suitable for supporting the arch and keep the foot comfortable. This also helps in reducing the pressure and provides a bounce back platform for keeping the impact lesser.

In case if you don’t want to make use of the orthotics separately, you can also find the best shoes for high arches that come up with the midsole and arch support for keeping the foot easy and relaxed while providing better energy in the foot. This kind of shoes is helpful in making sure that the foot will not lose its balance and will help in proceeding with the gait cycle without developing pain in the feet and leg muscles.

Whether you prefer using orthotics, a specialized shoe designed suitable for high arches, or go for physiotherapy, a combination of such practices would bring better and quick results for treating painful feet and lowering the chances of fatigue. Just make sure you may not ignore your feet if you are a nurse, an athlete or a regular runner and treat the developing pain in your feet as soon as it possible to avoid persistent pain.

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